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Directed by: George Clooney

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Movie poster Suburbicon
Original title: Suburbicon
Runtime: 105 min.
Production: USA , 2017
Category: crime / drama / mystery
Release Date: 10 November 2017
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: George Clooney
Cast: Matt Damon, Oscar Isaac, Julianne Moore

Crime comedy directed by two Academy Award winners based on the Coen brothers script.

A family loses a beloved mother in a robbery. He soon turns
However, neither such a family nor a mother such a loved one.

Suburbicon is a perfect American town, real stingray advertising
life and prosperity, or American Dream in pure form.
But not for everyone. Lodge family life turns into a robbery robbery in which handsome seniors of the family, Nicky's beloved teenage mummy Nicky. Despairing boyfriend decides to avenge his beloved parent. In search of perpetrators, he begins an investigation on his own, during which he discovers dark family secrets, schemes, machinations, and animosities that were unrelated to his mother's death.

Average rate: 3.0
rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0 rating 3.0
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Mimi 11. November 2017, 23:51

Dobry film

nilus 11. November 2017, 18:08

Trailer zawiera wszystko, co w tym filmie ciekawego. Prawie totalny brak akcji. Lepiej się wyspać przed seansem, bo można zasnąć w trakcie.

Hub 10. November 2017, 22:35

Ok. Scenariusz braci Cohen.

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