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Only the Animals

Seules les betes
Directed by: Dominik Moll

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Movie poster Tylko zwierzęta nie błądzą
Original title: Seules les betes
Production: Francja/Niemcy , 2019
Release Date: 12 February 2021
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Dominik Moll
Cast: Denis Menochet, Laure Calamy, Damien Bonnard

The revelation of the Venice Film Festival, the new film by the acclaimed director Dominik Moll, nominated for the Caesars, is a suspenseful and twisted crime-love puzzle. The main roles were played by the stars of European cinema Denis Menochet ("Thank God", "Inglourious Basterds"), Damien Bonnard ("Les Miserables", "Dunkirk") and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi ("Go crazy", "Isabelle and the men").

The film is based on the best-selling detective novel by Colin Niel.

The mysterious disappearance of a woman during a snowstorm leaves five people embroiled in a mystery that goes far beyond a sleepy mountain town somewhere in France.

Each of the characters has something on their conscience and clearly does not want to share all their secrets. Most of them are idealists who dream of escaping the gray reality, finding love or fulfillment. They share a sense of frustration and the unusual situation in which they find themselves.

The film chapters devoted to individual characters show the same story from the perspective of another character. Each part presents a different point of view on the disappearance of Evelyn. The relationships between the heroes are also gradually discovered, with time the next pieces of this original puzzle begin to fit together.

The director skillfully loses leads and steers the viewer's attention, providing him with both a tense plot and screen entertainment.

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